Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Presentation

06 Feb

Today we had our presentation, I think it went really well. My group had 9 minutes, and time went so fast. There was a lot more I had practiced before presentation,  but I believed I would have more time. I had 9 minutes, in nine minutes I managed to show the game in a good way.

When I tried to present my game for a presentation video or for testing and practicing I never use less than 12 minutes, so for the 9 minutes with question is difficult to be able to show the entire game.

I didn’t get much feedback, something that I thought was a bit disappointing. With a lot of feedback I would be able to think about if there is something our group needs to changed, and right now I don’t know if there is something that people think I should change.

At the same time our game is working, I have completed the game with my group many times. I have never ended up in a situation in the game where I could not complete it with the rules we have right now. That means that if there are things to be fixed it’s not because it’s not working, it’s because it can be better.

I did get two questions on my presentation.
1:  What do the plug do, and how did the banker arrive on the plot?

The plot is a normal Road card on the table, but when a player have complete 3 event the player will, throw a die and the banker will arrive on the plot with the same number of the dice if there are no plots on the table the player needs to wait until somebody places one.

2: The second question was about the defensive and offensive card, if I could show an example on how it was working.

Come up but at the same time if I would name everything I would have used so much longer time than 9 minutes I feel like I did stumble only one the presentation with not managing to drag out or name all the cards.

I am proud of our game today, it is now working and we’ve been putting so many hours into this project. It was time to finally be able to show the others what we have done, and achieved.


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