Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Play for fun with Amit

07 Feb

Today I and Hans had a test play for fun session with Amit. And it was really funn to play, we played all most one hour and we got allot of feedback/ questions. I see that I need to make the road cards over with new clear colors. That way we will be able to plan ahead witch land we place and how we strategically will place the roads.

We need the cards to be hard so I think I will make the cards with thick paper and glue 2 pieces together with different colors, blue background and the color of the rode on the front. I think this will make them look good. Only worry I have is that if they are glued together they may be hard to shuffle. I can fix this with using laminating, but if I use laminate I need a small piece around the card to be laminated together. Will this space give problems for playing? I think that it might. There is another possibility with using adhesive plastic paper. I think it might use a moment more to make, but at the same time i think it will last longer than normal paper without adding to the size of the cards.

I decided I will try to use self-adhesive paper. I think this will give me the best result. Maybe use tape on the edge to keep it closed at the sides.

When playing Amit asked if we could make the start tile to a water tile. I was thinking it is not possible, but I soon figured out I did not know for sure why we could not do that. We had a talk inside the group and Putle came with a good reason, we use the start tile to navigate where the water arrives. So if we remove the water tile we will have a difficult time seeing where the water arrives. This was a good argument for the start tile, and I now see why we can’t turn it. In the end we decided not to do anything with the start tile, the way we designed it works best.

We also talked about why you can’t destroy the tile you stand on. I personally like that you can’t die in the game, for the reason that if you die early in a game there is no fun looking at the others play for an hour without you to be able to play along whit the others. Amit had a suggestion that you can destroy the tile under a player and the player would freeze to the ground. But I like that you can’t fall in the water, you are running from it. Beside I the water tile goes in the water and the other players turn all the roads around him, where would he go? This makes the game much more complicated, so we decided that this is not a factor that will work for our game.

The water starts when the players complete 3 events all together. We did get an advice that we should start with the player that have the most coins. Something I think sound really good. That would make sense that the person who destroyed the most gets the water to start. That would punish that person. When we talked about it in the meeting This was something I wanted to change, but Putle came with a good reason not to, that water is something we wanted the players not to be able to control, this is something that happens to everyone, not only one person. That’s why I did agree with Putle and we decided together that that was a good thing.

Defensive and offensive cards. We were made aware that we have many cards in the deck of offensive and defensive cards, but we don’t have any on defending your event. This would be a cool card. I like that we are collecting more cards and making them look better. We now need to get some more ideas on what that card can do, we have placed that as a thing we need to manage to come up with one of the next days.

We need more interaction, I believe that giving a bigger start boost will make the game flow better, and make an interesting start, I believe that can be done by increasing the card deck you start with. It can be done with a player getting 5 cards to start, 2 offensive/defensive cards and 3 resources, or 3 defensive/offensive and 2 resources. Maybe even letting a player add 3/5 road cards the first round. That can speed up the start allot. In the meeting we decided that it have to be tried out before we do something like that. But I believe that giving a payer 3 recourses, 2 offensive or defensive cards and 3 road cards to start will give the game a start boost that will make the game last a bit shorter and give the player more interaction faster. I am really excited to see what the group decides to do.

There is also the suggestion that we reduce the win stat by having the player complete only 2 events. I don’t think that is a good idea to make the coins reduce because you will lose allot of the game tiles and the pieces that you need to make the water arrive. I think that like I mentioned in the section over is that with some start boost this will be much better, and the game will be quicker. Even know it now is ca 30 min with 2 players f they play.

Lover the cost of offensive and offensive or giving two cards can also make more interaction, but I think this will make you use much more time because you will fight more with the cards then you will manage to move. So if you stand still too much the gameplay will not be floating, but more like one step forward, 2 steps back.

Al in all it was a great time to playtest with Amit, it gave allot to think about and I could feel the fun of playing the game. I feel I need to work on the new and improved prototype to make the gameplay more easy. But that is a good thing, now we know it works and can focus on making a good game rather than making something we don’t know how will work. We didn’t change much, but we have been talking about why don’t change it, and we have reasons for keeping the game how it is. This is a huge step in the learning process. We have a good game and I am looking forward for the next steps of the prosess. The new cool prototype and programing the game.


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