Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Play test for fun

07 Feb


What kind of challenges are at stake:

Your challenge is to make you and your corporations survive the consequences of global warming. You will face the dangers of the water rising, place road tiles to get around and finding your events and plots. When the water raises you will need to find different roads that leads to the events, when you managed to complete 3 events you will need to find out where the banker is and where to go to get to it. You will get resources on your way that will help you buy defensive and offensive cards to make your journey easier, and help you will get to the bunker first.

Reaction time

This game lets you use the time you like for the most parts, but there are some defensive and offencive cards you should hurry and play before the other players turns are over, to save yourself or make it more difficult for the other players.


All the players will survive until the end of the game. At the end of the game there will be only one winner, the player and his corporations that manages to get to the bunker first in time to survive. When the bunker is closed the other players lose the game.

Memory and knowledge

You have some memory in the game in the end. You need to remember to make the water appear at the end of each round.  You also will have to count the events you made and remember to check where the banker will arrive after you achieved your 3 event.

Game goal at the end of the game or are there subgoals along the way?

You need to win the events along the game these are the small subgoals.

The main goal is in the end, that is when you throw the dice to make the bunker arrive at one of the plots, when you manages to get to the bunker, you won the game


The player’s goals are already decided before you start the game. I think the goals are clear and easy to understand, but it gives you a challenge having more than one goal, you will have to work for it. complete the event and get to the bunker. I don’t think it’s too hard, but makes it more interesting completing events and then finding out where the bunker is.


I think the rules are easy to learn. A new player might need a test run to learn them all, but after that you know the rules and are ready to start playing again. I believe many people will enjoy this game and that they will want to play it more times. But the only way to be for sure about this is to complete the prototype with the new colors and play it with my friends or family and see if they like it.


The story is simple to understand. We are in the future and the warnings about global warming have not been heard. The ice is now melting and you need to get your corporations

to safety in the banker before you drown. You will feel the ice melting when you complete the 3 event and you now need to turn one water tile at the end of  each round. We have been thinking about characters, but decided that there will only be you as a player and the corporations you will save. We will show more of the Global warming in the events, they will have pictures of things that will occur when the global warming becomes out of control. Like ice storm, sand storm, dry season,  tsunami etc. This will give the player a feeling on the problems that relate to Global warming and the event that they will win will have a clear theme. The banker is as well shown on one card, the plots will be grounds that the event will show up on. I feel the story is coming along very well when it comes to getting it into the gameplay.


The prototype looks good, maybe a bit easy with only the lines. It needs to have the right colors on the cards , show the events with pictures together with the defensive and offensive cards. This have been made but not added to the game prototype yeth. The road cards is planned to be done with buying paper in the colors of the water using paper that is glues on to make the  cards look good. This will as well make the game flow better. less confusing like they can be right now, because of numbers that are on the cards with rules that now is removed. For a player that don’t know this game new cards will make the game better and easier to play.

Social aspect

The players can talk and team up if they like, they have cards they can throw at each other. defensive or offensive, when they have this cards on the hand it is an advantage to hide them from the other players. that is the only secret you should not talk about. When you play them this will make the player interact using the card. Beside that they can interact with each other whenever they would like.

Uncertainty / Surprise

There are different surprise elements in the game, when you draw a card offensive and defensive cards this can make you happy and positive if you get what you planned for or, there are some positive feelings when someone gets an event or plot. The game don’t hide manny big surprises, but I don’t feel it have to either. The game gives a lot of feelings all true the game.


I feel I lose the sense of time when I play, I can play 1 hour and the time just run by. That means I enjoy the time that I play, and that the game is something I find fun. The game can give you a boost feeling when you find out if you are a defensive or aggressive player. You can get a feeling of accomplishment when you play an defensive card that gets the opponent back manny steps. or it can bring the feeling of just a little bit more and you will manage to complete something. The game is very random, and so will your feelings become playing this game.



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