Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – First step of the programing

08 Feb

I set down with my husband yesterday and we talked about what is the best way to program our game. He has experience with programing and told me he can guide me, but I will do it myself. I do think programing is exiting but of curse difficult, but you can’t be a good game designer without understanding programing. So I started a little bit with C# last year, but have not had much time too practice it this year. So I feel that beside knowing a variable and classes I need to learn everything. The good thing is what I know I will use. Because we need to use Java, I feel I need to start looking at beginner tutorials to see what is different from C#. Beside repetition is always good. But anyway, we went over the game last night and places suggestions on different tasks for the group members to take. The group don’t have much experience and I like to think ahead of time. We made a diagram and added all the classes with all the variables. Wrote down if they are private or not to make sure we can get the variables we need from the different classes and the one that will be private.


I decided that I would like to program the Game manager, and there is a reason for that. At the start of the game we presented our game ideas for the other students. My game Squnami was not chosen by anyone, the reason for that is that I planned much more then I needed and I had only 2 sentences to explain that game. And I did not do that in a god way. I love the game idea I had here and I really wish to make that game.

When Becky came with the offer to show my groups game at Comic Con in Denver I was so excited, but I did not get any response from my group, I believe this to be because they have so much with their different courses, that they don’t find the time to do this before June. I am happy I know that at an early stage, because I see only opportunity here. I can make my own game outside my courses. I don’t have much free time as it is, but this is my dream we are talking about, I can’t give it up. I need this opportunity to learn and show everyone what I can accomplish. So I have decided I will make my game at my spare time, and combine it with school where I can combine it. And my game have the need for programing a game manager. It’s the same principles between this game and mine. I need a card event manager and board layout manager to, but the biggest task is game manager, and if I learn this I will from there be able to make the others afterward. I think I will redo everything when we are done for my game because I want mine to be C#, and my group is working in Java, but that I can easily do when I know how to do it in Java.

I do research all I need to do before I start, and my group decided that we need to refresh/know the beginner guide for programing in unity. We decided to look at some tutorials we found at Digitaltutors to learn the basic. That way we know the basic before we start the programing of our game. My husband is kind and he agreed to sit down with my group, and we can find out what we need as a group this weekend. He is working a lot, but we have a child free weekend this weekend and he would take time for me and my group then.

Hans found some good java tutorials for Rule manager earlier. It is a rule manager for flights but if we change the things in the tutorials for what we need I think this can work. The group feels a little overwelled, but with learning the basic now we will start programing the game next week.

Me and my group started to make a document of what we needed to program and the parts we need.


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