Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) Feedback on my job delivery

08 Feb

Today I got my feedback on, my first workday. I am super excited, the feedback was very professional, and recommending. Because of the company and the work that I am doing I am not posting the name of the people in it. I have not asked if I am allowed to post this on blog, so I need to be professional and think about the people in the company, that is the reason why I have blurred out all revealing information.

The most important thing in the exciting thing here is the feedback. In the feedback, he is writing

“Kitty was good and quick with responding quickly to contact. Met up early. It didn’t take her long to understand the complicated project. She did the changes correctly, then delivered the right delivery. Kitty is a young and modern soul that can create clean and creative results.”

Honestly, I can’t get any better feedback then that. Super happy and excited.


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