Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – 3D model scientist

09 Feb

I did complete my 3D Scientist today, I used Bryans drawing and the result was good, I had some challenges along the way, with the coat folding over, and the glasses needed some extra polygons to look good. Beside that I feel I did manage to make the character fit our need.

In the picture under is my model and the drawing Bryan made, I used that sketch to model from.


There is one problem that can happen if I use allot of polygons, the game can become super slow. If I don’t think about that when I make models I can get problems with the game speed. I have some experience with that and learned that less is better.

The only worry I do have now that the model is low poly is that it can be a challenging to texture it. Putle will have that job, and he uses Sustain painter. Good thing Putle have experience here.  This is something I know nothing about. So if there is challenges here I have no way of helping. I know well how to texture, but I unwrap and make the textures in Photoshop.


I love that we all have different skills, This will make me able to learn allot of new things that I don’t know from before.



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