Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Mind map mechanics

13 Feb


The lecture today showed my group that we need to see what the mechanics of the game will do, so we started to make a mind map in google together. After a while we found out that google did not have enough space for the whole map. So while Hans wrote in google I started to write in MindMaple. This worked really well for a while, but when he did not have any more space I shared my screen over skype and we filled it inn together.

It is easier when the group worked together. We went true all mechanics together and the hardest one was the water. After we were all done I did remember Hans told me I should make it going down, not to the side to save space. So I learned how to do that with MindMaple and made a new one that looks much more organized. This way you find the mechanics more easy. I will for sure use this way next time.

This new mind map will make it all much easier, but when I see all we have to make there is no chance we will manage to make the whole game in less than 2 weeks. We decided that we would only make one part, but I wish we could make something that we could show. But if we all make our part and they don’t work together we won’t really be able to show much to anyone else then the person who grade us. I wish we could make something that will give us a chance to see the game. Exited for tomorrow where we will show what we have done and see what part we will program. We did make some notes.

I will program the game manager
Putle will do the cards
Hans will do the dice and start hand

So for now we are doing well. I did write into the diagram today what more we need. And it is starting to look good.




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