Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Our protototype plan

14 Feb


We had a group meeting with Josh today, and that was so helpful. We went over the mind map and decided to only make a small part of the game, but we will make that part work.

Our group had a meeting and a discussion on what to make after the meeting. Hans made a line with the roads, and that was nice, Putle helped with the offensive and defensive cards. I like the idea of having the game look kind of like our game, but much easier. This will give us a chance to complete the part we are making, and that will leave us with a short game we can make a movie clip out of.

I wish we would use C#, because that is something I tried to work on before, and if I want to make many games it would be nice to keep to one type that I know. At the same time if I never try Java I won’t know the difference between C# and Java. Putle also would like C#, but Hans would like to use Java, and when he speaks his mind I feel it’s a good gesture to try it his way, his always open for our ideas and often lets us choose if we have a big opinion. So I feel that should go both ways. So I told them my group my opinions on that case and the reason why I think we should go for Java, Putle agreed with me on that so the group decided we will work in Java.

After the meeting with my group we had a new meeting with Josh where he agreed on the things we would like to program and believed it would be possible for our group to complete that task. We went over quick how to make the tiles easy in Photoshop before we ended the meeting.


This afternoon when my group meet up, I made a Git Hub project file with our program. We turned on the share screen on skype where I made the boxes and Hans made the textures. Putle made the models at his computer at the same time I did on his computer but not inside Git Hub, because we have on project together and the Git Hub is the best way to make us connected he downloaded the file I made so we would have the same project. It is important that we work in the same files so we can connect the branches when they are complete.

Feel that I might take a bit control over the project sometimes, for better or worse. When I take the control I don’t stop and wait for the others to start to make the things like the game Git Hub project file today. I take control and start making the basic that is needs to be done for the group to share the tasks between us. That sometimes take away the other students the possibility to start, they may start if they let us all know they have started, but if no one tells me they start to do the work I will. I’m eager to get the project started, some tasks we need one person to do the work before the group can start to work. It is not always me who start, but I might be a bit quick sometimes. The good thing here is the group is not afraid to tell me if there is anything.


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