Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Ethics of games

17 Feb

I don’t play as much games as I should. I love to play, but the issue here is the time. When I do play I usually play games together with the kids, so the morals are not too bad for those games. I don’t mind some killing etc, but it depend on the kids I play with.

I play with my brother in laws kid, he’s 8 years old and play all most every shooting games there are, he is a good player to. But he don’t get affected on the violence or bad morals, he sleeps just and don’t worry about the games.

My kid is 12, and with her we play the nice games like Super Mario and our favorite game is Raymond. The morals of Raymond are good, we save the small people from the pirate and the evil ones. We collect flies and escape dangers. The design is full of colors and the world is based on cartoon design. The small people ask for help so we help them.

My brother plays a lot “Call of duty” witch I would say have more morally points, you team up and kill the others. Different degree of violence, perhaps because of how you play the game. When it comes to the games morals I think it is important to play something you like and something propitiate for your, but a not on the game with the age recommendations and the content would be nice. The age of the player can be very different, but it will give an indicator for the one who buys the game what the game is about.

I did not think they should make games with bad morals. But after some thought I see that was wrong. why make a game where you break the morals? But if you can’t break the morals you can’t make a shooting game, not even Mario or Raymond. So where is the limit for what is okay? When is the moral to bad, and who decides that?

So my conclusion is that you can make the games you want , if they make something stupid and unmoral that’s up to them, but don’t let kids get the hold of the games. Use an age limit and describe the moral issues on the game so people can see if they do want that before they buy the game.


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