Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Progression update

21 Feb


I made the printable prototype yesterday, not sure how well it will be on normal paper. I use thick paper and glued them together for the prototype at my house. This on the other hand worked well. I have been thinking about using laminating and making them blued together, but I am afraid the plastic edge will go too far outside the edge. I decided not to do that laminate the cards for that reason. If anyone would like to try our game here is my blog with the rule book and printable prototype

I have so far managed to make the cards move on the canvas, but it do only that, move where I tell it too. When I drop it stops the place I drop it. I made a small video to show how it looks

I also started looking at a lot of tutorials and training videos for programing. One of the tutorials I did get from Josh started with learning me that to write a log inside your code you should write


That don’t work, I need to use

Debug.Log (“test01”);

I am not sure if console works in other places then Java, but it doesn’t work for Unity. I feel that by figuring these things out I am learning what to do, or not to do.

I started programing the cards in 3D, this showed out that moving them in a 3D environment can be hard, if we use the UI we can focus only on 2 vectors. If we use 3D we need to think about coordinates. Moving in a 3d world and camera script. We did decide to use a 2D UI game to make it as easy.


I am making the cards snap in the right place today, so I can make them go where they are supposed to.


I am planning making the cards snap only to the right tile that I want it too. So one tile can only have that one card connect to it.
Progression on board game

The progression is slow and study. All in my group is new at programing, so we will make the tasks we are placed on and if completed before time we will help out where needed.

My progression on digital adaption of the board game

I believe we will make the part of the prototype that we went over with Josh. We will have to work hard and many hours but I have set a goal to complete that part. I see that there is so many challenges along the way that will be hard, but Ill rather make my goal harder then I need to learn as much as possible, than too easy and not learning all the challenges.



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