Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) GUI and card snap

21 Feb

Studio 2, but I am making it in C# there, so making it in Java will be a new experience. This was right, there was some new things to consider like how to load the scenes. But beside the code it was the same process. Java don’t use “public void” they use “function”, but they booth use “click on()” inside unity. I did add the code to show how I did it.
On the function StartGame I tried to use the code:
This was my first try and it did not work because Unity gets multiple event system error, tells me that unity don’t support multiple event systems.
I therefore changed it to:
That made the code work perfectly.
Java GUI code:

C# GUI code:


I don’t have any experience from Java from earlier. Did try to learn some C# a year ago, not much but I worked on making classes and an easy pump bottle. This gave me some experience of variables and classes. I know it is important to learn the programing basic if I want to make my own games. So I need to work hard on this course and get all I can get of experience.
For guidance I sometimes discuss school work at home with my husband. He has programming skills and that gives me a good opportunity to ask if I am thinking the right way on how to do things like starting the coding and the code structure. How to set up my work list.
At the same time, he knows allot and because I am a beginner it is important that I try myself first. We have done well on that part, he doesn’t do me any bear favors, only guidance if I ask for it or have a though about how to do something. He also supports me on my study and want me to learn as much as possible. So we cheer the responsibilities at home after who needs to work at the evening. This have worked well for us. And now we do it automatically in a daily routine.
So far I am not sure I like Java. It started with me working at Code academy for learning the basic and writing the easy variables and getting some practice with int, string, bool. We also started with the log system, was console.log(“text here”); This don’t work inside java. I found out by unity forum that Debug.Log(“text here”); works inside java. S this is not Javas fault, but Code academy.
Feel I can’t find enough information on Java, most information is on C#. I feel the limitations when I search for help to the code I am trying to write. So the question is if it’s me having challenges with java, or java having limitations?
The question won’t be answered today, but when I have more experience.


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