Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Meeting With Josh

22 Feb

Today I had a meeting with Josh and he looked at my code. Shows out the snap was working inside the different parent then I wanted it to, so I placed it wrong. The start position of the object changed, the reason it changed was that it didn’t tell it to go to the plays it was when the game started or the object was spawned. We added that inside the <OnEndDrag> function. After these things was changed it worked well, now I need to make the roads to have dragged disabled after it snaps to a different parent. We also talked about adding a sound on the card when it gets snapped to a new parent, but I think I need to work on the button <CardDeck> first. I felt that when we went true the code I should have made more notes, take to Josh and he believes that would be good to for everyone else when they see the code, but I see it will be good for me to ehen I go true the code fast, that will leave no rooms for hesitation on what is the different functions and variables.

I did talk to Josh about my thought on Java that I feel it is a bit hard and that it does have limitations. He agreed, but also told me it depends on the tasks. He did give me some good feedback about our next course will be C#. that made me happy because C# is big and they have much information and tutorial that I would love to work on. But for now I will focus on trying to learn all I can about Java. I need to know bough Java and C# for my games.

I told Josh about the console.Log(“Text”); not working in unity and he told me we don’t write java direct, more Unity script. He also showed me I can use print(“Text”); to get a message, I can even use that command to print out comments about objects. That is something that can be useful when you work with the cards, telling you what card you are working on.

I did get good feedback on my work. So I am satisfied with the lesson today, I learned a lot and I did get help to solve the pieces I needed to make my card snap right. Now I will add the files to GitHub so the others can get a complete scene and then I’ll work on making the drag card disabled after placed.

I am happy I did ask for guidance, I learned that with guidance I will learn more and ill understand more about what is going on inside the code.


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