Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – GitHub trouble

23 Feb


I was so proud when the snap worked, only thing missing is programing the card to lock on the placeholder. But with some guidance I completed one of my first working code. Only other code I made working is GUI. And this is much more advanced then GUI because GUI is many people who made and I can easily find help for that. For my snap I need to make my own code, I found some help online inside unity, but I needed to find more codes and more explanations like how to link to the event system.

So all completed and well and I need to upload to GitHub. I commit my changes, and it commits, but I can’t merge my branch to master, I get the error that there is nothing to commit. And from there I kept on making mistakes. I somehow managed to try out branching the master to the branch, now my files are old and don’t look anything like they are supposed to. Ask Josh for help but he did not have much experience with that, he told me to find the branch. After some searching on google and not finding much of use I get lucky testing and finds out you can get the earlier version committed by going from desktop GitHub and open that commit on from there I could download the version that was working.

Now I know I have not lost all those hours of work but how do I get this version to the master on GitHub? When I try to commit anything I only get errors. At this point I can’t commit anything or restore it like it was. So the good thing is I have the files I made, the bad thing is I have no clue how to get them online for the others to use GitHub. I did send them the original working files, they only need to work on the code and that they can do without GitHub. So that way they don’t lose any time because they don’t have what they need.

Putle was kind and offered to help me by trying to upload the files from his computer, but we are where we started, the files don’t have anything to commit. Now I am so tired that I need to rest and sleep on it.


New day, and we try again.

Today is studio 2 day, so I need to focus on studio 2 today mainly but I asked Espen, who I work with in Studio 2, to see if he knows how to fix this. He told me that he would take a look tonight. That was something I really appreciate, he is not in my group but takes the time to help me anyways.

If it shows out he can’t help me with this task I will ask tomorrow on the skype if anyone teacher or student have any experience about this. If they don’t have any experience. I will need to find another solution for how to share the files. I will try to keep searching online for the answer to my problem, but so far I have not found anything I can use.

If I get in the situation again I learned that I am not supposed to merge the master to the branch if I am working in the branch. That will give me trouble. And always make backup locally. I was lucky this time, next time I might lose everything by not taking the local backup.

And we are jump to evening time!

Espen and I met this evening over skype, I shared my screen and he told me what to do. The good thing about doing it this way is that I learn along the way. We worked over one hour and everything we tried gave error or failed. At the end we delete the folder on my computer and the GitHub on desktop, downloaded last version even know that was wrong version. Now we were allowed to commit the changes. We took the original files into the GitHub folder and tried to commit that to the master, that did not work. But Espen told me to make some changes inside Unityunityversioncontrolsettings

After that we tried to commit again, and it worked. It committed to the master and now Putle tried to download and that worked perfectly.

Espen saved the day! Thank you so much Espen!!!

I am so happy he took the time to help me figure it out. I learned allot about how to commit and how to add to the master. And now how to fix it, if I do something wrong.


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