Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Preparing for delivery

23 Feb

Today I started the day with working on closing the portfolio. That task was something that I wanted to take and even asked to have on the Schedule. The reason for wanting this task is that if it is started early and we work on it a little bit every week, it will be more complete in the end of the project. Do we have any challenges in week one and we don’t write them down we won’t remember the issue at the end of the project. Therefore I believe that this is something that is supposed to be done true out the project

I start with taking the old report and writing inn all the text from the assignment detail sheet. Breaking all up in small sentences on the top of the assignment. Now we can compare the text from the start with our work during the project. If we now have a situation that changes or we do make it like we say we do, we can only fill in the gaps.

By adding all the information important in comments, like word count. We have all information easy available. I also did add the assignment as pictures at the bottom of the document so everyone can read and make sure nothing is forgotten and that we are all clear on what to write.

When I completed writing all into the document I made a new file in google documents for all our work. Where we can add our work when we complete something new. I believe that doing it this way we make sure we know all that is required from an early stage and that will make sure we don’t get any surprises.

Most important is that we take care of all we make and have all organized safely online. So we can’t come later and say “ohh, where was that?”. I think my group have done that well so far. We did the same with the starting portfolio, and it made the delivery clear and organized.



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