(UM2LUD101)- Playtime With Josh

24 Feb

We were supposed t have a play session with Filipe today, but unfortunately, he was not feeling well. Luckily Josh stepped in and we did get the play session anyways.

The new play session is Josh, we did not get the cards that I was expecting to. There were way too many road cards and all the event cards ended upon the but bottom of the card deck. This made the game came on as a bit slow in the start. But that is something we have been made aware earlier as well. We also had some interaction with the offensive and defensive cards that we should look at. There was allot of feedback to prosses all together and I felt like we went one step back. One of the things I do agree om is that the is missing some on the story part. Global warming is hidden and we should make it stand out more. But with the time we have on this assignment we been working so many hours and now with the programing we can’t seem to have time to complete it all. Now we have one week to complete the programing of the game and we did decide that for now we will focus on managing to complete the programing.

I am really pleased with how the new cards are to play with, they give a good feel in the hand when placing them. That means that I did a good job on the new paper prototype.


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