(UM2LUD101) – C# GameManager, CardDeck and CardType

03 Mar

The coding is really difficult, it’s a big language to learn in a short time. I wish we had had more time on this project, maybe start with small assignments right away. It can be something as easy as writing print(); maybe even having one small tutorial every week. That way we will have programming more of the time, and more time to hold the information that will are. I see that I learn something new every time I work with code. It is an important learning curve that I will need to learn, if I want to be a game design.

I had so much trouble finding the answer I needed in the Java/Unity script. One of the things I found out what that Unity 5.3 stopes supporting autocomplete for MonoDevelop Java script. The consequences will be that we need to figure out all code ourselves, without any help or suggestions for what to write. For us that have no skills in programming, this is like learning a new language without the dictionary. Unity is gradually removing js support from upcoming versions of Unity. That makes me question why we need to learn it, would it then not be better to learn C#? I use more time searching for answers in Java, then I do coding. Therefore, I decided that I showed I can figure it out in js, and now I try to learn how to work in C#.

This week I wrote my game manager script, I did get some guidance from my husband, but I wrote all the code myself. I have taken a lot of notes this time, recommendations from Josh, to make sure that I remember where things are going, so when I look back at this in the future. This will also help other people when they read the code. Then I will be able to see what I have done, and why had I have done it. I started writing notes over the code to make it look more organized. I posted my code here, together with the notes, if anyone is interested.

CGameManager script

CCardDeck script

CardType script


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