Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Option menu

05 Mar

The start menu options now have sliders for the sound, but I’ll wait with completing the code until Hans have come up with some audio files. I can do it now, but then ill either have to make some sound or I’ll have to test it without sound, so better wait and start working on the Game HUD.

For the HUD I’m thinking it will have one timer for invisibility, and when that timer is complete it will make a symbol or make a button visible. But I’ll ask the group what they think.

After skype chat:

They agree on the game HUD, so now I can start to make sketches. I got some feedback on the text font for the game, so I will see if I can change the text font to a new one we found. Neuropol X font. it is free for commercial use. This ensures that we won’t get any legal problems if the game where to be sold some day.

I also got a question if we could make the planet animate, but I am not sure how to solve that because the canvas and 3D can sometimes be hard to make together. I am wondering if we should use time for these details before the game is complete, it all looks good at the moment, but the game is now where near complete. I am not sure that using times on the small detail will be smart before we manage to get the game working. I will take a look at how much work it is before the next group meeting and I will take it up with the others to see what we should focus on from here



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