(UM2LUD101) – Delivery

05 Mar

Me and my group had a long meeting this evening, making sure there is no gaps in the document, and checking all our files are updated and looking good for delivery. We should have been writing more in the game document the loss two weeks, but because of the programming there has not been any time. Even though it’s hard work at the end, I like it when we work like this together. We can feel that everyone is working on the same project, and see each other writing in the document.

I might do things a bit different if we were to do the project again. I would focus more on the story part, and made sure it was a good story before we started thinking about the game. That way we would be sure that we had a good story, and hope that we manage to make a good game from that story. But at the same time our game has the main point of global warming, the ice is melting and the water is rising. These is one of the most known effect of global warming. In the game plays around water. That means that our story might be short and missing some parts, but you have good global warming mechanics with water rising.

The feeling will we were all done, was fantastic. I really enjoyed delivering the file. It’s been a lot of intense working the last weeks with programming. And now it’s been good to have delivered something that we have made. It has been a great experience to be able to plan and make a fully functional board game together. And I have a perfectly, functional good-looking prototype. I will take care of this game play to my friend.



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