Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – New Game HUD Colours

30 Mar

I now realize that because we are not having any health on the chart, we don’t need a health bar. Therefore, I removed the health from the health bar, and added a circle around the head for the time instead. I also added some more glow to the key. It now looks much more complete and is working much better for our needs.


I made a short movie on how it will look when it is programmed. I need to start the program soon, but because a lot of the code is not mine, it will be some work to go true it. I will try to make the code work by myself first, but if I were to find out I do not manage I will ask Espen for help, because he knows the code.There is some satisfaction in writing something yourself, and making it work. So I will go to work and I hope I will manage to complete the code.




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