Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) Game assets

20 Apr

Today I have been working on some 3D assets for our game, I have gone through some new tutorials for Substance painter by Josh, one of our teachers at school. And I need to say the program is amazing, there are so many possibilities here. I really want to learn this program, but I see one challenge, there’s a lot to learn, and I need more time to practice. I wish I could use more time to specifically study this program, but with the game we are making, I feel that I need to step in where ever it is needed. We are really closing up to presentation day, and there are so much that needs to be done. I know it’s now Easter holiday, but if I want to accomplish my dream I need to work and learn new things every day.

Scene view in Unity.

Another thing is that we have so much work left, but if I don’t work really hard I don’t feel like we will manage to complete this project in time. I know it’s not my responsibility alone, but sometimes I feel that we are missing some control what needs to be done, and when we should have completed the task on hand. We did set up a schedule on what needs to be done, and by who and when, but I don’t feel that we are following the plan. Things don’t get done in the time we believe it would be done, and I feel that I am missing control one when the things will be completed. One of the things I think we should have done is started with planning every small task really quickly, for example if we were writing assets on the schedule we should have written every asset that should have been modeled that day.

If we could manage to get that on track now, it would be really nice. That would save us a lot of work in the last week. I hope we can come together and finish this project. The good thing about the group is that we have no personal conflicts between each other, we are all adults and we have managed to work together professionally all year. This is something that I’m really happy about. We also worked a lot of hours together day for managing to delivery and complete our earlier assignment in time.

Now over to what I did make today, I made some low poly models inside 3D Max. After modeling the models, I unwrapped the texture and exported it to FBX formant. By using FBX models we everyone can be able to open Unity without having 3D program installed on their computer.

I imported the models into Substance painter to texture them. After that I imported the model together with the texture inside Unity.

For me organizing inside the files are really important, if you get a big project and things are not organized well it will be really difficult to do all the work. When I imported everything, I made sure that all the files were put in the proper folder and made folders where needed. Now it will be much easier to make anything from the level design to importing asset.

Polys: 251
Verts: 356

Polys: 226
Verts: 245

Polys: 72
Verts: 76



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