Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – My game idea

25 Apr

First day of school is over, and our first assignment is to come up with a game idea. We are to choose between Fight game and platform jumper. I love platform jumper’s games like Super Mario and Raymond. There is no doubt I would love to make that. I came up with an idea for that type of game, I even added a small sketch to show what was on my mind.

My game idea:

Cloud jumper
The player can fly on the clouds to get to the stars, there will be an adventure with the most beautiful views.
Look out for pirates on the clouds, they will vacuum up your clouds
Core mechanics:
The character can move the cloud left, right, forward and backward.
To move up and down the player will need to pick up clouds. Dark cloud goes down, light clouds go up.
There will be hearts that the player can pick up to get more health.
Pick up
Life, Clouds for moving up and down, diamond for points.
The levels will have different obstacle in the air, like air balloons, thunder and lightning, birds etc.
There will also be evil pirates on cloud ships, they can steel all your diamonds and vacuum up your clouds.
When he levels up he will get new cloud skins with different control settings
Win condition:
The game is won when the player gets to the star on the top.
Lose condition:
If the character gets thrown of the cloud by any danger.

Super Marios enemy why flies on the clouds.
Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Raymond video games flies.



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