Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – GDD “Get out my bar!“

26 Apr

Today we had a vote on game we were going to make a game designed for, there were four games, that four groups. One of the game that were picked was made by Hans, the name of the game is “Get out my bar!“. All the students online were supposed to work on this GDD. The funny thing is that the students working online the same people I work with in studio 2. Hans, Espen, Putle and me.

We made a Google document, and started filling out the game design documents together over Skype. I really like to work on the documents this way because it makes it easier to ask the questions over Skype directly, instead of writing about and sending them. I think the game design document was really good. We did write more than 16 page, and added all the important information. We did not like the game document from the bottom, we use a template and gave credit inside the document to the person who made it. The template was really helpful, and really get when you are finished. On Friday, we will choose which game we will make. And I’m really excited.


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