Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) Vote for the game

28 Apr

Today we had vote for witch game we were going to make. Our team is the one that has the most asset, and models that needs to be made. That means that if we make our game, it will be a lot of work. I did vote for that game anyway, because it’s a really cool game. Unfortunately, we did not get enough votes to manage to make this game. But luckily all the games are good games. In the important thing is that the game get completed in the time we have. We did get someone to give news, our game design document was the best document delivered today. That is something that makes me really proud of the work that we have achieved.

They game that won was “Dizzy Goblin”. And I was named lead artist of the project, something that made me really proud. I will do really good job for the game, but I also will need to have my own part that I need to program. To make sure that I do this well I have started some fish oils online, and download an application that will teach me to code. I am actually doing much better than I believe the inside the application, but I still got a long way to go.


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