Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Presentation Meeting

02 May

Presentation is closing up, today we had a meeting and worked true what we would say, and who would say what. This went really well. We all have worked on our part. The last pictures we put inn together today. We had a lot of fun doing today with funny GIF pictures and preparing the final presentation. I’m am a bit concerned about the file we are sending tomorrow, it has some gif files that won’t show if we don’t show it online. But Espen will show his screen on skype, and if not ill have the link ready. The only problem is that I keep on loosing network, so I need to get a network cable to my computer. I won’t manage to get this right now, need to drill in the wall, and that I need help for so I don’t hit any cables insides the wall.

So Espen will do the presentation, he will also play the audio recordings of Hans and Bryan, easier if one person controls all, makes the presentation run smoother. Putle made a play true, and with the backgrounds audio it’s so cool. Think they will be impressed by what we have accomplished.

I’m really excited for the presentation.



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