Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Organizing my Time

07 May

Right now, I feel I have so much with responsibility, it feels a bit overwhelming but good at the same time. In my private life, I have so much going, right now we are renovating and this takes a lot of time. And the house looks a bit messy, there are tools all around. We have said the timeline, to get done before my birthday 15 June. I will have a celebration for my birthday, I will be 30 years and invited all of my family. Therefore, I can feel a bit pressured to get done in time.

I am alone also alone 17 days this months with our girl, my husband is working in Canada on a project. Even know she is big and can do a lot herself, she does need a lot of attention. Help with school work, dinner, and time to feel loved and special.

I have my job as a 3D designer, I have a contract to work more than 10 hours a week. The experience has been a great experience, I learn new things all the time. And to actually have a company to learn from is really nice.

I have started a new course, where the teacher called me out as the lead artist. I have the responsibility to make sure that everyone is doing their part inside the modelling group. Two older responsibility of the group, I have gotten one of the biggest jobs. My job is to model our two characters. We have been asked work weekends, and after school, and learn the things we need to for programming our own part.

In Studio 2 I have some code to get done, I need to code the options music slides, renders some pictures, and writing the document. One of the things I’m really happy for right now, is that I have written my blog regularly from the start in all courses. This will save me so much work on delivery day, all I need to do is make a PDF and deliver. It sounds kind of easy, I hope that is to.

But even though I have so much to do right now, I feel that I am in control. I have been making a check list of things I need to get done in my OneNote. I love this program, I have different books for different courses, and the list of notes where I can make my checklist, to make sure that I do everything I am supposed to. And so far, I’ve been doing really good. With so much to do, I sleep really well at night. I am tired in the morning, but I know I’ve been doing a really a good job!

And the most important thing is that I am well organized and happy with the tight schedule, less than a month left before I can sit down and feel great about the work I have done.


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