Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – My First GIF

11 May

I was really interested in learning GIF files when I saw Bryan’s files last week. He was kind enough to show me how he did it, and it was super easy.

Today I have been working on closing portfolio, when I was writing about what we have accomplished, I really wanted to make a GIF picture of my start menu. I believe that if I have a picture of my start menu, this will be a good thing to put inside my portfolio for others to see. This will show that I can make a good quality start menu for games.

I can use the for other thing like showing off my 3D characters, the texture and so much more. This is a super way to show my skills to the people around me.


How I did it:

  • Important short movie file to photoshop (File-Import- Video Frames to Layers)
  • To export the file go to (File-Export-Save for Web) and save as a .GIF file

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