Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Flipped UVW faces

11 May

I had some complaints about the model, the textures were flipped UVW faces, never seen that before. At first I believed it was flipped UV faces, that was wrong. After some testing, I believed it to be the mesh, because it needed an extra edge to be a triangle in some faces. But after much work I found out it was the UVW mapping that have vertex standing a way that the computer believes its flipped. How to solve this is go inside the UVW mapping and moving the vertexes that causes problems.

Before and after fixing

That means it was not the mesh I made, but the unwrapping of the character. This will be a good experience to have learned for later 

Now that I know what the problem was, and fixed it I sent it over to Putle for texturing. One model down, one to og!





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