Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Commit error

18 May

Today something happened to the commit, one of the people in the group committed a old scene with assets, the problem is that it’s over a month sense that file been downloaded and updated, so everything sense then is missing. We need that file, but with short time before delivery this could have been a problem. Now all worked on adding their stuff into the scene like it was before. This makes me feel a bit enjoyed and I wish there would have been more omits and synchronization on the files so this could be avoided. As well as I am feeling the pressure of delivery.

After some work, all is back to the way it was. I learned that it is so important to commit every day that When I complete something I commit it right away. I am too afraid of losing my work.

The good thing is that I have written my blog regally and can go back and see what I have worked on and when. I need to be better at adding links to where I found my information in my blog, not only in the document. That way if I use something and don’t remember what it was can just read my journal and find out what I did where and how I found it.



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