Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – The end of the cource

25 May

Done with the course for this time, I learned a lot. I wish I know more code, but it’s getting there. Now I have a script that makes an idle animation on a rig, something I did not even know is possible. All my work in this course I have done myself.

I am looking forward for more programming next year. I have enjoyed the new teacher John Klima a lot, he has had a lot of pressure on us, we have worked on a strict schedule. This have made us give it all. But we also been hold close so we had to do a good job. I really enjoyed that. I had my doubts about completing the game in time, but we did complete all we were supposed to. We also got the chance to work on our own things, like I made the models.

I will take the code experience with me for later projects. And I will show my characters in my portfolio. I feel that I have achieved my goals for the course in a good way, even got challenge on my leader skills. Shows out I think I do a really god job. A great experience.


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