Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Project introduction

28 Aug

Survive the medieval town of “De Lagarto”

My name is Kitty, I am working individual this year on my bachelor. Here is an introduction for my project.


“The King have given new orders, all the town people that don’t want to follow him will be executed for treason. John Lagarto is against that, because of his braveries the town people called up their small town after him “De Lagarto”, this is where all the people can get away. Unfortunately, the king has found them. It is up to John to save all the people from getting wrongfully executed.”

Main focus

The main focus for my Bachelor Degree will be specializing into texturizing and learning to work with Substance Painter. With new skills to learn and use new programs it is always challenging. I need to work many hours and follow tutorials while I work to learn it all in a good way. To be able to focus on my specializing I am making a survival game, the game will be based on a tutorial I have followed in Unity ones before. I choose to make an “easy” game because I am alone, and the main focus will be the scene environment.

The game will be played as a first-person game, running around inside a medieval town, there will be worriers trying to kill the player. The aim of the game is to survive the attack.

I will be a new experience working inside Substance Painter and Substance Design, both of them are new program for me. There will be challenging to make the texture look alive and real, I will focus on finding my textures outside in the nature and taking pictures before the winter comes. I am hoping to achieve a good texture library that I can use for all my projects in the future.

In the end of the project I plan to have a short film to show my town and what I have achieve. This will be something I can show in my portfolio.

The logo I made in a project for film production some years ago, I hope to use the logo for this project. A plan is to make the town shape after the logo. That way I have a thread true the project.


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