Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Planning face

30 Aug

I need to start planning my bachelor assignment and what I would like to do this year. We have been told they don’t recommend groups bigger than four people. I can understand why, with less people it is easier to have control of the situation, and work load. We will work closer together. But I will miss my group from Studio 2, we did a great job together.

These last weeks I have been thinking allot about what I would like to work with, and what would give me what I need for getting better at what I do. One of the things I would like to learn this year is Substance Painter, that and Substance Designer would help me make much more advanced textures for my models. This will help me get more ready for a job situation.

I told my group I found my own project and that I will work with my new idea. It is a year’s work, so if I work with someone I need them to burn for my project like I do. I have made a short description of my idea and posted it on the school page.

I did my first year alone, and I did really good, last year I did really good in a group. This year I hope I don’t have to work alone. I learn so much from working with other people, but I feel the need to focus more on what will gain me in the long run.

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