Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Research question

08 Sep


I had a talk with Cristina yesterday about how my project is coming along. And for my document I had done a god job, I am missing a good question for my research. I am thinking about interviewing some texture artists and see what made them get to where they are today. I am wondering if they have some good tips for me this early in the process. To figure out my questions I will need to contact them and see if they have time for some questions.

I need to plan this before I ask them and send them some questions to ask, I think that if I ask less questions but serious one I have a bigger chance of response. Maybe I can even send one of my work along the project for feedback. I will write down the questions I am most interested in knowing and choose the best ones. I should write short about my project to make the conversation more personal, and if I am lucky, maybe they will give me some feedback.

This year I had two meetings for guidance, and ended up with 2 pages of notes. I already gotten so many good ideas to work on. New ideas and tips to improve my work makes me get a good feeling. It makes me want to get to work right away.

I found a question I think might be a good one.

Can I make connection with people in the texture industry by working on research?


And I did get approval on it, so now I am good to start.


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