Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Contact artists

15 Sep

I have sent away several mails to different artists to see if any of them would like to answer my questions. Depending a bit on the person, but the questions I wrote is:


Did you always want to work with textures?
I am wondering if textures are what the people ended up working with randomly.

What programs do you use?
Do they use any programs I know? Can I see any new software?

What programs do you recommend working in?
Do they recommend anything they don’t know them self?

How do you find jobs inside the industry?
Do they do any extra effort to find jobs, where do they do that?

What did you do to get known in the industry as a good artist?
Have they entered contest or made portfolios to show their work?

Where do you recommend sharing your work?
Where do people share their work, any place special should start using my last year?

Do you sell any work online? Where?
I want to sell my models online after school, maybe they share any good ideas on where I could do the same?


To find people I looked in magazines and online, found work that I like a lot, that I feel is related to my work and searched them up to write them an email.

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