Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Research replies

19 Sep

This is going beyond my expectations. I have so far gotten 3 replies’. They have taken their time to answer me, and they have done it well.

From their answers it is no doubt, I need to make a portfolio on never used that page before, but for sure will do that in the future. They have so many great artists, and they even have a lot of jobs available for me to be able to apply on.

They all use different programs, but they all like Substance Painter and see that as an important skill to bring along. Many of them also have Zbrush, maybe this can be my next project, but for now I feel confident about learning Substance Painter.

I have now enough replies to start looking at where this have taken me, one of the people I contacted mentioned that I should join competitions, So I will look at competitions, where do I find them?

There also made me get the idea to see if there is any conference I should look into.

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Posted by on September 19, 2017 in 2017/2018 Studio3 (UM3ST3351)


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