Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – First Week

22 Sep

First week is over, we wrote a game document. I put up a Mood Board template I made quick, before we all jumped in and filled in the pictures.

We have started to make the character and will have a sketch done by the end of today. The same with an environment sketch. We did have a talk and I will start to model the character first thing when the sketch is done, I will also do the texturing. Depending on my time I will see if I can make the textures in Substance Painter or if I’ll take them in Photoshop.

We are on to a good start, and I really like the style we use. This is an exciting assignment. I also really like how our group works, first time on a small group with campus and online student. I really like how that work out for us so far.


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