Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Responsibility

08 Oct

I been away from lectures and meetings for a week, something I inform my group about, they were good sport about it. This meant that the modeling was given to someone else. But I think I will do the texturing for the character. We will talk about that in the next meeting. I see we have fallen a bit behind on our work, something I hope we will manage to change together now the next week.

We have been told to post a picture of character and environment on Moodle, no one has taken the responsibility to do that. We are a group with so many people, and someone should have stepped up. I feel it is needed that I post a picture, and I feel I need to do that today. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers, so I’ll wait until Monday. Then the group have a meeting and we will need to sit down and answer the questions and send a reply.

2 hours later:

I got a reply from the group and posted the pictures on Moodle, and this on a Sunday evening, that was great. Feels much better right away.

Here are the character sketch made by Mats.


Environment inspiration made by Anna-Camilla.


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