Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Rigging Character in Unreal

09 Oct

This was so cool. I love the rigging of the character in Unreal. I never seen anything like this before. This makes everything so much easier when you make your own models. I have not used Unreal for so long, and I am really surprised on how powerful the engine is. You can make a good side scroller prototype in only hours. The templates are also nice, this saves hours in normal set up.

I wonder if Unity have the same….

So far really happy with what we have gone true. I really like how easy the tutorials are to follow online, because I can press pause and start all the time, this lets me do it step by step. Because of how many times I did press stop I am happy I did not have this on campus, that would make this much harder, but at the same time you then have time to work on it after the lecture.


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