Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Meeting

11 Oct

Kitti asked if someone could write notes on the meeting today because he would not be able to attend today’s meeting. I like writing notes, so I volunteered. When the meeting started there was only one person there. After a half hour a new person came. Beside that no one showed up. And there was no information if they would show up.

We need to become better at letting each other know if we can show up on the meetings, if we can’t be there we need to write an update on what we have done, and when we will be done with that.


Notes 11.10.2017

We need to write in the organizer document if we can show up to meetings.

Do we vote over the background color?

Everyone is writing the GDD? Not only the IMG?

Should we writeit all in one document, not 3?

Do we make our own scene for Unreal with our assets?

Me and xx talked about maybe having a background to the assets en the environment to give more depth in the scene

Resource1 – away

Resource2 – away

Resource3 – made the trees, fence, ground and castle.

Resource4 – is rigging the character, face (eyes, eyebrows etc.) When he is done with the rigging of the character he will start motion capture.

Resource5 –

Resource6 –

Resource7 –

Resource8 – we talked about maybe drawing up some more backgrounds behind the assets to give the scene some depth.


We are a good group, so I have decided to hide the names.




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