Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Research

16 Oct


I choose to use a research question that would let me expand my horizon, and challenge me in contacting people from all over the world.

“How can my research develop my own connections to the people working in the texture industry?”

Where are the people?

To get in contact with people inside the industry, I need to find out where they are, and how to get in contact with them. I started to search for people who have done work related to what I am looking for. I found some big online communities with thousands of people. After looking at a lot of other people’s work I started to make a list of where people shared their work. The list fast become long, and some of the places seem more attractive than others.

Contacting the people

I started to look at the work people shared. Some of the people have really nice work, and their work relates to what I am learning. I picked out the persons with work that inspire me. I worked out some questions that I feel can help me in my research, and sent out an email to different people inside the industry, both professional and students from all over the world.


  • Did you always want to work with textures?

I am wondering if textures are what the people ended up working with randomly, or if they always wanted to work with textures.

  • What programs do you use?

Do they use any programs I know? Can I see any new software?

  • What programs do you recommend working in?

Do they recommend anything they don’t know them self?

  • How do you find jobs inside the industry?

Do they do anything extra to find work? where do they do that?

  • What did you do to get known in the industry as a good artist?

Have they entered contest or made portfolios to show their work?

  • Where do you recommend sharing your work?

Where do people share their work, any place special should start using my last year?

  • Do you sell any work online? Where?

I want to sell my models online after school, maybe they share any good ideas on where I could do the same?

Peoples replies

I got several replies on my questions, from  all over the world like Romania, Canada and Japan. people was more than willing to answer all my questions. some used more time and really dived into details that would help me in the future.

One thing they all had in common was that you need a set of skills, it is difficult to only have one skill. texturing is more than just texturing. you should know how to model and add lights to your scene, this has an effect on your texturing. There is many programs they will use on making their work, but most of them used Substance Painter to texture beside Photoshop. They all recommended using 3D Max or Maya for modelling. they all had the same programs they recommended, and some programs like 3D Coat and Marmoset.

In the industry they all say that portfolio is the thing you need to have, if it is pictures or movie does not matter. What matters is that you show of your best work.

There are a number of ways I can get known for my work, but if I want to get known for my work, I need to share my work with others. There are many different pages that you can share your work on. There are also pages that lets you sell your work.I started to look for the places they recommend me to share my work.

One of the pages that really stands out is here you can share your work free, and they share jobs regularly from companies all over the world. This makes it easier for people to get in contact with each other and find jobs, or to show of your work.  And they do all that in the same place.

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