Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Particle behavior

26 Oct

This week we have been given an assignment to make 4 different particle effects. This has been a really big learning curve for me, I don’t have much experience with Unreal except for the flag I made with cloth modifier. but I already learned so much. It’s been a really good experience diving into the tutorials. They show me not only how to make the particles, but also editing folders and organizing my files. I made sure to make all my files with my name, that way if we all connect our particles they are all named separately. This will ensure that we don’t have much complications with placing all the files together.

I choose rain to be my first particle, and it was a good way to start. I really enjoyed how I could make something without importing anything inside the engine. I choose to not import any materials for the particle, the assignment specified it is based on the movement, not the esthetic. From here I choose to make sparks, firework and snow. I am happy with the particles I made, I would have liked even more time on learning this effect, they give so much opportunities. I wish we could have learned it in Unity because of my studio 3 assignment. I think that if I have started making the particle in one program there is much similarity in the different engines. I tried in 3D Max some years ago, and it is much of the same there.


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