Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Box Scene

09 Nov

Preparing my box scene. I make easy models of the houses and a rough terrain. That way I can Import it all to Unity to see how it looks, and make sure the dimensions look good together. This is a good start on making my box prototype. When the prototype is complete I can start making the scene better quality. I will get a feeling if the scene is working and be able t show what I think to others. I made the buildings in 3D Max as easy as possible while still looking like buildings.

When the models where done I imported them into Unity, I added my sketch as a blueprint and placed the building on top. The units from 3D Max was realistic, something that imported well into unity.

Using the terrain function in Unity I made the mountains. I learned that here I have some work in front of me. There is a brush in Unity store that helps with making terrain. This is something I will start researching. I also need to make the seamless textures for the mountain. I think it is important to make the foundation like ground and environment realistic before I start adding plants and houses. Easier to make it look good if the foundation is made in quality.




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