Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Sky Box

05 Dec

Making the skybox I decide to download some cloud brushes for photoshop.

While looking for how the background will look I searched for some nice sky for references. nice picture with good color and it will give some light.

Cloud reference

Photoshop star brush notes

Brush Tip
Spacing 260%
Shape dynamic
100 %
both boxes
Count 01
Flow 100%
Save brush

I made a background, and I was happy with this to start. The same evening I went out in the evening, and I started to laugh so hard. I made the sunset 360 degrees. This is with happens without any good references, and the use of my head. I need to do two things now, I want the background blue and the sunset only from one side. I also want clouds to be moving, like real clouds. But this is work in progress. ill start to make one blue background and work from there.


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