Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – New Layout

20 Feb

Now that I am making a game menu, I started sketching right away. I feel I change all the time, the different designs are inspiring.  My first sketch the knight on the side, maybe with some particles this was a nice idea. And if I add the logo on the shield, that would be so cool. That was a good idea from Filipe.

For the logo, I tried some different styles before I found the right one for me.

  1. I chose “Old English Text MT”
  2. Photoshop to make it 3D
  3. Added metal layers

The logo looked so much better and more quality with the metal. I like the rust effect on it.

I did not like the bricks when on paper, the knight was out of place and the text blended in and made it look messy.

I love this colors, the background was found on Pinterest, good inspiration. But the flames and knight looks out of place. I need to make it more realistic.

This was really nice, I will try to make this. render the 3D models of shield and sword to make it look higher quality.


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