Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Meeting

09 Mar

I had a meeting with Filipe today about what I should do and get some feedback on my thoughts. I felt this was necessary to get on with my tasks. I was originally planning to write about my own game, or maybe about sniper elite 4. After the meeting, I was planning to do it on Sniper Elite 4 but starting to look at the game it is really well made. They have all the information I would like, and I now know that game a bit to well to start an analysis of it at this time. I went into Xbox store and searched for a new game I have not tried before. I found Kattastick’s, a small game that looks kind of cute. I believe this will be a better way to start. Now I will get to know the game for the first time and evaluate someone else game. It looked like this game was a good size for me alone. I am excited to start writing.


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