Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Monthly meeting

16 Mar

Today we looked over my game and Gantt chart, I feel most of it is up to date.

There were some new suggestions for my game.

  • The game menu text looks a bit dragged.
    This is not a priority, but I should look at it.
  • Moving night
    The time of day will change between 16 and midnight for changing the light. Challenges are the textures and how they will look in that light
  • Make rocks
    I need some more rocks next to the water, they have a different texture than my stone.
  • Gameplay change, the player is maybe a princess that lore the enemy inside the water with music.
  • Mud from the Viking village
    this mud is over the other textures. It will be a good skill to know how to make this.
  • Portfolio
    I need to think about how I will present my textures outside of the game.
  • Fog on the horizon
    I need the fog where the sky meets.
  • Moving river
    Make the water move, might be the rivers alpha that needs to be copied to make a new water.
  • The waterfall
    The waterfall is a challenge!
  • The mountains are sharp
    Might smooth them out a bit in the end if there is time.

Good portfolio inspiration


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