Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Last Meeting

11 May

The last meeting if over, it could have gone better. I did have my old laptop and I did not get to show how great everything is, but then it will show better at the performance the 25 of May.

I was told I need to work on my river, that river has been a challenge. I’ll see what tutorials are out there or ill take a look at unity store.

I will need to fix my Nav mesh, right now it is showing that the enemy can walk in the background and in the sea.

When the music is played I should have a visual picture of something that indicates the flute is played.

the player can take damage and die.

When a player dies they will return to the menu.

Game tutorial.

* River
* Footprint
* Enemy despair Splash sound

Game video


I better start working on it. 🙂





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