Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Programming Complete

19 May

The programming is finally done. This is so exciting. We have been testing everything for the last days, and it is so cool. The flute animation works as well, but I hope to get some particle notes to fly from it. The knights walk between random points, some of the points have paths that he will have to follow if he choose that point. So now the player can walk close to the knight, but on real close hold, the knight will start to follow the player. If the player plays the flute sound the knight will react on a longer distance, turn from his route and walk to the player. If the distance gets too much the player will turn and walk the other way.

If the player comes in contact with the knight the health will reduce. If the player goes inside the water the knight will follow till the shoreline and jump after the player, if that happens the knight will drown and the player will count the knight on the counter in the corner.

I see this as a huge success. I am so excited to show the game to my class on Thursday. Now I am missing only some things design things before I need to complete the video.


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