Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Reflecting

23 May

I worked alone on my project, But I got some help with the programming from my husband. Working alone is a challenge, no one to lean on and it is harder to ask for help. The good thing is that I only relied on myself, that way I was in charge of the project and how all was organized. That made me have a good organizing and proper planning on the project.

I did have a lot of challenges in this project, that is the best way of learning and gives me success when accomplishing them.

The weather is something I can’t change, and when the winter came early and with a massive amount of snow I was afraid I didn’t have the textures I needed, but the ones I didn’t have I made in photoshop and Substance Design.

Substance painter and Substance Design are very complex programs with a lot of settings, and they can feel quite intimidated to learn and master. I did not find the time to learn Substance painter, but I made multiple materials in Substance design.

A seamless texture is an essential feature in my game, and that is a learning curve to manage to make them, but after I figured out how I could create it and edit the materials, it worked out nicely.

Finding somewhere to show all my textures were also tricky. After searching thru other people’s work and getting answers to my research I found Marmoset, this is a great way to show my textures.

The model of the environment was complicated to get nice, I ended up buying a program called World machine to get it done, here there were much more settings then Unity, and I got an excellent terrain that I could edit inside Unity after the base was done.

My research question was made with one teacher, when the teacher changed, we talked and figured out I should make a new question. The new question was much better, and it was more appropriate for the project and my specialization.

Getting the game ready for oculus rift was a hope, but there was not enough time to implement this into my game. I hope to be able to make that happen this summer, that way I can play my game and get a feel for the game and textures.

My health gave me a challenge at the start of the year, I was in and out at, and it took some time, now it is better, and my new medications don’t give me lousy side effects. The last six months have been much better, and I can accomplish anything.

My river was a problem that kept me up at night, it did not have a pleasant waterfall and was missing its realism. At the last moment, I bought a river generator and made the river easily. This had moving and programmed materials and models that had the settings build in.

One of the things that I would like to find a solution for is a light problem when building, and the scene is dark for six seconds before it loads the light. This should not be a hard fix, but so far I am still working on the solution.

I feel I mastered my challenges and got a lot of experience from this project. I am looking forward to work on my game and edit the things that needs to be done. This is a great learning curve while searching for work.


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