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Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Work update

I posted earlier a game from one of my students, my work is over and I got to try one of my other students game, and it is amazing. He made this cool space game with python script. It was so much fun to play, I would have downloaded this from the app store.

The game is made on iPad Pro, and we played it using the apple pen.

All credit for this game goes to Elias Rokhaug!


Posted it on the school chat 🙂


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Final blog

I am finally finished with my assignment, and it has been a wave of feelings. It felt like I was so stuck two weeks ago, then I started to write about Kattasticks and it got so much better. I now feel I learned a lot and see the positive help in making a heuristic evaluation. It will save me so much time to do this at an early stage.
Would be fun to send the assignment to the maker of kattastick’s. Think they should have some good use for it. I did not mention that they should have a better collider in their game because I consider this to be a part of the gameplay. The gameplay should have their own analysis done.
I am concluding with the importance of this assignment and that I would not recommend anyone to waste their time playing Kattasticks.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Monthly meeting

Today we looked over my game and Gantt chart, I feel most of it is up to date.

There were some new suggestions for my game.

  • The game menu text looks a bit dragged.
    This is not a priority, but I should look at it.
  • Moving night
    The time of day will change between 16 and midnight for changing the light. Challenges are the textures and how they will look in that light
  • Make rocks
    I need some more rocks next to the water, they have a different texture than my stone.
  • Gameplay change, the player is maybe a princess that lore the enemy inside the water with music.
  • Mud from the Viking village
    this mud is over the other textures. It will be a good skill to know how to make this.
  • Portfolio
    I need to think about how I will present my textures outside of the game.
  • Fog on the horizon
    I need the fog where the sky meets.
  • Moving river
    Make the water move, might be the rivers alpha that needs to be copied to make a new water.
  • The waterfall
    The waterfall is a challenge!
  • The mountains are sharp
    Might smooth them out a bit in the end if there is time.

Good portfolio inspiration


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Meeting

I had a meeting with Filipe today about what I should do and get some feedback on my thoughts. I felt this was necessary to get on with my tasks. I was originally planning to write about my own game, or maybe about sniper elite 4. After the meeting, I was planning to do it on Sniper Elite 4 but starting to look at the game it is really well made. They have all the information I would like, and I now know that game a bit to well to start an analysis of it at this time. I went into Xbox store and searched for a new game I have not tried before. I found Kattastick’s, a small game that looks kind of cute. I believe this will be a better way to start. Now I will get to know the game for the first time and evaluate someone else game. It looked like this game was a good size for me alone. I am excited to start writing.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Interface

I drew up a sketch of the game view to show the idea of how the interface will look. The important things here is the kill score, health, and arrows.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – My Students Work

One of my students made this the second week of our course. I need to say I really found the proud feeling when I managed to motivate a student. He made a new game that I hope to show you all later.

Thank you Domantas for letting me show your game.

Credit for the game “Domantas”.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Cloud test render

I made the clouds, and they have started to look really good. I like how they move and the way they look in the world. I like to share how I do it so I can see it later and others can learn, I made a tutorial on how I made the sky and added it to the test render.


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