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Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Unwrapping

I unwrapped the model in 3D Max, using a chess map in color to make sure it looks good and have the right side up and the same size all over. The result went well. It looks good and I am happy with how it turned out.

The wall now looks good and the tiling of the stone texture looks well tiled.

The page I found the checker texture at no longer seems to work.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – My Resume

Check out my resume!

CV-Kitty Toft

I am starting to write a resume to apply for work. I got some inspiration from other people and wrote my own.I will keep working on it, but time to get started and get serious about getting a job.
Got some nice inspiration from the links below


Studio3 (UM3ST3351)- Wall unwrapping

I have started to texture the scene and added my stone texture to my wall. The wall is made inside Unity by squares, and When I added the texture I found out it did not tile well.

I will solve that by making the wall to a prefab and exporting it to .fBX format. I will import it to 3D Max and make my wall model better and unwrap it before I paint it.



I did not manage to export it to .FBX, so I asked a fellow student Hans and he gave me a link to a script that lets you export to .OBJ format.  To Make sure more people learn how to do it I made a tutorial and posted below.


DaveA, 2014. ExportOBJ – Unify Community Wiki. wiki.unity3d. Available at:
[Accessed April 4, 2018].


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Stone texture

I took a picture of a stone wall, I made some fixes in photoshop and made a nice seamless stone texture for the stone wall. I used Crazy Bump to make a normal ma and Marmoset toolbag to present the texture. 


Took the pictures of the brick from Kolbotn Church. The picture below of the church I found online here


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Texture Viewer

I found out how to show my textures, even know I did not find a tutorial, it looks like I did good without one. I downloaded a trial version of Marmosa and tried it. I quickly found out how to do it and it looks great. This is a great and elegant way to show my work. I made a tutorial so anyone who would like to do the same can see how I did it. I am so looking forward to my movie at the end of the year. it will be great to be able to show everything like this.



Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – 360 viewer

I need to start to think about how to show what I have made in an elegant way. I would like to show off my textures in a 360 view. That way it can show how I made the seems. One good example I have seen is made in Marmosa viewer by Grzegorz Baran. He is great at making textures and has been an inspiration for me thru out this bachelor assignment.

I have asked him if he could show me how to make them in a tutorial.


If he doesn’t show me or replies I will need to find something else, and so far I have not found anything that elegant. But I will take a look and search for other people who made textures and showed them.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Wood texture

I have worked on the wood material for the Log house I have, making it look realistic and add the colors I would like. I found a great tutorial on youtube. That helped me make the wood and here you can see how to make it from scratch. He did a great job with using a Base material before he made the output nodes

Here I am making the colors of the wood from other wood textures. Really a cool feature in Substance Design.

I like how easy it made the nodes at the end.

The entire texture. Not to big or complicated and it looks good.


pixelfondue, 2017. Creating procedural wood in Substance Designer. – YouTube. Available at: [Accessed March 23, 2018].


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Fog

Testing out some of Unity’s fog

No fog

Light fog

Darker fog


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Work update

I posted earlier a game from one of my students, my work is over and I got to try one of my other students game, and it is amazing. He made this cool space game with python script. It was so much fun to play, I would have downloaded this from the app store.

The game is made on iPad Pro, and we played it using the apple pen.

All credit for this game goes to Elias Rokhaug!


Posted it on the school chat 🙂


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Final blog

I am finally finished with my assignment, and it has been a wave of feelings. It felt like I was so stuck two weeks ago, then I started to write about Kattasticks and it got so much better. I now feel I learned a lot and see the positive help in making a heuristic evaluation. It will save me so much time to do this at an early stage.
Would be fun to send the assignment to the maker of kattastick’s. Think they should have some good use for it. I did not mention that they should have a better collider in their game because I consider this to be a part of the gameplay. The gameplay should have their own analysis done.
I am concluding with the importance of this assignment and that I would not recommend anyone to waste their time playing Kattasticks.